We Need You More than Ever!


It’s a stressful time to be an arts organization in Florida.

In April, our state legislature cut funding for the arts by 89%. Florida is now 48th in the nation in cultural arts spending, at about 14 cents per resident. The impact will surely put some arts organizations out of business.

When our Board received this news, they immediately took action. In only a few days, they found $7,500 to use as a challenge grant. We are thrilled to report that you responded with incredible generosity that resulted in our raising $30,000 in less than three weeks! This enabled us to end our fiscal year on May 31 with enough surplus to carry us through the summer months.

We are grateful beyond words for your support of our efforts to bring outstanding performances of choral-orchestral music to South Florida. But it can’t stop here. We encourage you to continue making yearly donations to the Master Chorale and to the other local arts organizations you value. Don't let shortsighted state politicians stop the music!

Scott Novack